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Current Offerings

Foundations of Practice

This module is a nuts and bolts, step by step approach to understanding how basic poses are the building blocks to advance your practice—and to helping your students develop theirs. Over the course of six weeks, you will develop in depth knowledge of 6 Foundational Poses—and the whole family of other poses related to them.

Art of Sequencing

Through this module you learn to improve your sequencing skills. Each week you’ll hone in on a specific component of creating intelligent, creative and artful sequences. You will have access to video content of the sequencing we discuss in addition to the twice monthly webinars so you can land the principles in your body.

Pillars of Philosophy

This Module is an online mentoring program designed to support yoga teachers in their continued education and growth. The course will focus on a single foundational text to the study and practice of yoga; this year we will be working with the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali.

Voice: Your Authentic Self

Through this module you learn to improve your verbal teaching skills. We start with clear language and instruction, and from there, add visual and sensate cues. You’ll go on learning how to link your instructions, to speak to your student’s nervous system as well as their musculoskeletal system, and how to use imagery effectively.

Gioconda offers online mentoring programs on a quarterly basis.  All online meetings are recorded, and students retain access to these online programs for a full year from their initial start date. Students wishing to engage with the online course materials after the courses have finished can sign up for the course, receive all of the information at once, and then work at their own pace. Email [email protected] to sign up for any previous mentoring program. 
All of the programs include online meetings, weekly email updates so students can stay on track with their learning and assignments. Some programs offer a private Facebook Group where supplemental materials are posted and where group discussion and interaction can take place.
In addition to weekly teaching skills, all programs also includes life skill coaching and professional development tips. This multi-stream approach provides a full-spectrum mentoring program.
If you prefer a personalized approach, individual mentoring sessions with Gioconda can be purchased as a package of five sessions. You and Gioconda will work together to discover what your aims and goals are and develop a time-table and path forward. You will have both support and accountability, along with over twenty years of experience and insight to help you reach your goals and a teacher, a student and a leader.  Personal mentoring packages are $325. Email [email protected] to schedule a 10 minute call to determine if this is the best choice for you!

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