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Continuing Education


While committing to a full program and cohesive course of study like a 200 or 300 Hour training program has great value, our continued commitment to learning and growing is also part of a long and enjoyable relationship with yoga practice and teaching.


Life has many seasons, and learning has phases. Sometimes we dig in and commit to a particular course of study, and those times are best served when followed by an integration period—taking time to teach or practice–to know what we have learned in a deeper way, to let it seep into us.


At other times, we just need a little inspiration to keep our fire lit—to spark our curiosity or introduce new skills to develop. For these times, Gioconda also offers continuing education. Whether it is through her Online Mentoring Programs, specific sessions she opens up during the 200 or 300 Hour Training Programs she participates in, or in conjunction with her travel teaching schedule, you can always find a way to continue your studies with her.


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