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The Workshop:
Friday: Hridaya- The Heart as the Seat of Wisdom
How do we learn to embrace our humanity with spiritual insights, and to walk the spiritual path with our feet on the earth? Wisdom teachers speak of learning to weave these threads through the heart center— the place in us capable of holding more than one truth at the same time, the seat of compassion and love’s greatest expression.

We’ll use pranayama, meditation and movement practice to move into heart space, and from there dive into the transpersonal model of the chakras as power centers, with the heart at its center. We’ll use the chakras system to look at our areas of strength and of challenge, so we can understand where we are on our path, and from there where we would like to go. We’ll use imagery and shadow work to clear the way ahead, and spend some time integrating through yin yoga, meditation and mantra to prepare for the journey of breath work.

Saturday: Holotropic Breathwork
Originated by psychiatrist and pioneer in consciousness research, Stanislav Grof, M.D., Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful means toward transformation, guided by the innate healing wisdom of the psyche. This process allows an individual the opportunity to build a relationship with their inner healer, therefore developing a more empowering approach to their own personal healing. Working in collaboration with mind, body, and spirit, this inner healing mechanism brings to the surface that which may need healing for the purpose of releasing what is no longer needed, integrating material that has led to fragmentation and disconnection, or allowing a more connected and communicative relationship to the Sacred.

Holotropic Breathwork utilizes the breath and evocative music to support our work in expanded states of consciousness, allowing that which needs healing to emerge in a safe and effective way. This process can assist an individual in exploring the vast territory of the psyche, with experiences spanning a broad range. Each session is personal to the individual, and no session seems to be the same. Participants report deep healing of biographical material and trauma, allowing for a shift in self- defeating and sabotaging patterns. Many have also reported a release of blocked energies in the body, an opening of the heart, a deepening in respect and capacity for the emotional world, and a new relationship with both self and Spirit.

Sunday: Integration
We’ll begin the morning with an integrative movement practice, following the “Pulse of Life” through a full arc of movement and settling in for a session of sound healing. From there we’ll move into a sharing circle to process our journey and witness and hold space for our collective.

We’ll close out the day with a traditional fire ceremony, where we’ll have the opportunity to relinquish that we are leaving behind into the flames, and to take from the fire the blessing of light and new life as we bring our weekend to a close. We’ll also take this time to offer blessings to the web of life—with the intention that our time of healing reach beyond our personal path and extend light into the world.

The Team
Gioconda Parker has been teaching yoga for over 20 years. Based in Austin, Texas, she creates trainings, workshops and retreats nationally and internationally. Gioconda leads challenging intuitive vinyasa flow classes woven thru with transpersonal teachings, while her yin yoga classes guide students to explore inner landscapes. Her studies in somatics and ayurveda provide a depth to her offerings, as she connects students to their own inner wisdom thru both ancient and modern sciences. Gioconda offers individual sessions in yoga, somatic based therapy and spiritual psychology.

Christine Calvert is a licensed chemical dependency counselor and is certified in Holotropic Breathwork by Grof Transpersonal Training. She is the co-founder of The Alchemy of Healing, a program based in Austin that utilizes a an integrative approach to healing, teaching a variety of spiritual paths and practices toward the healing of various symptoms such as depression, anxiety, addiction, and PTSD. Her experience with the 12-steps, mindfulness practices, a variety of spiritual paths, and somatic experiencing inform her approach to healing. She facilitates workshops regularly, and has a private practice in Austin, TX.

April Anderson is a Somatic Experiencing® (SE) Practitioner (SEP) with experience in a wide variety of healing arts, including mindfulness meditation, Qi Gong, Sufism and Amazonian shamanism. April began her work with world- reknowned masters, guides and teachers in each of these traditions to heal from her own physical and emotional health crisis. Shortly after recovering, April trained to become a Somatic Experiencing® (SE) Practitioner as a result of her own realizations around the understanding of her body, her nervous system and her ability to live more consciously that evolved from her personal work with SE. April sees individual clients and leads groups in understanding the SE concepts related to their own bodies, while enlightening their connection to the natural world. Additionally, she is the co-founder of The Alchemy of Healing, facilitating groups in Central Austin.

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Three Day Experience:
$350 Early Bird by July 1st; $375 Late Registration after July 1st

Registration is limited to 12 participants; Application Required
Once your application is accepted, $200 Deposit will hold your space

For application email Christine Calvert at consciousaustin@gmail.com

“The only revolution that can work is the inner transformation of every human being”. – Stanislav Grof