Endless Summer Iceland Yoga Retreat:

July 22nd-29th, 2018

Experience the raw, magnificent beauty of this living planet like you’ve never seen it before! Wilderness and waterfalls, mountains and caves, geysers and geothermal pools…Iceland boasts all this and so much more. Just a few days on the island reveals why it is home to some of the most unique music and literature of our time—the sense of magic and mystery is palpable.

Iceland has become a global leader in renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction. Geothermal and hydro meet 81% of Iceland’s primary energy needs for electricity, heat, and transportation. Iceland boasts the highest number of authors per capita, and is quite proud of its culture and history, which makes meeting the locals a treat.

Our trip is the perfect blend of time in the city and time in nature. We have two nights out on the ring road, which makes the perfect springboard for exploring the natural wonders, while the rest of our nights are in Reykjavik, which buzzes with life during the long summer nights.

Twice daily yoga practices complement full days of activity and exploration. Morning meditation and vinyasa will energize and invigorate, evening yin and restorative will help you stretch out and rejuvenate after the fun of the day. Gioconda weaves themes from the day’s journey into meditation and practice, giving you time to integrate and explore what the trip is revealing to you.

Galapagos Islands Yoga Retreat, November 3-10, 2018

This retreat is SOLD Out

“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.” ― Charles Darwin

Come with me to one of my favorite places on the planet. I would be honored to be your yoga guide and host for this life-changing trip. Swim with sea lions and penguins, sail from island to island, hike in a cloud forrest, kayak through mangroves…and the list goes on!

This trip is about experience and connection Experience the unique landscapes and creatures who inhabit these diverse islands. Connect with animals in their natural habitat in a way that only the Galapagos Islands can offer. Experience daily yoga and meditation practice and how it helps you be more present as our adventure unfolds.

Our yoga practice time will be as diverse as the islands we are visiting. Mornings will include optional meditation followed by all-levels flow practices. Evenings will include form based practice to unwind from the day, yin and restorative yoga, and even some therapy ball sessions to give you some stress relieving tools to take home. Join me for the trip of a lifetime.

Ireland Yoga Retreat, Co-Created with Jenn Wooten

April 6-13, 2019

Join us for a week in mystical, magical Ireland. We were inspired to create this retreat because we were called to visit the land of our heritage and ancestral history. Ireland is home to rich mystical and spiritual traditions that are woven into its land, people and culture. This will be our first journey together to this verdant land and we hope to share it with you.

We’ll meet in the historic city of Dublin for a walkabout and and take in some traditional Irish food and pubs, then we’ll head south to Cork where we’ll spend the next six nights in the quiet countryside soaking up the the rich history and tradition of East Ireland. Our mornings will begin with grounded flow based yoga and we’ll have many afternoons for yin yoga and meditation. We’ll spend time exploring the picturesque coast, visit the city of Cork and indulge in award winning Irish cuisine. There will gardens to stroll through, libations to linger over and friends to be made.