Breath and Being: Exploring an Archetype of Becoming

How do we learn to embrace our humanity with spiritual insights, and to walk the spiritual path with our feet on the earth? Join us for a three day journey dedicated to helping you discover this answer for yourself. Our explorations will include meditation, movement and holotropic breathwork. Our sacred space will be created and cultivated through the rituals of sharing circle, fire ceremony, mandala creation and more. Who are YOU in the process of becoming?

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The Heart of Happiness Bhutan Yoga Retreat

Our trip to Bhutan will be nothing short of a life-changing experience. This magical and mystical land is our epic destination, offering a full ten days in the country that measures its gross national happiness. Our guide will introduce us to this land, its topography, historical treasures and spiritual wealth. Our accommodations are spectacular, and our daily excursions will offer the best of Bhutan. We’ll practice yoga, meditation, pranayama and mindfulness each day— and our hikes will provide not only incredible views and step by step experience of the country, but will also give us daily doses of rigor and the outdoors.

Beauty of Bergerac Retreat

What better way to get back to Source than to spend a week in the Dordogne region of France? Spend a week in this land of beauty, enjoy farm to table meals in our beautiful chateau and toast our good fortune with wines from local vineyards. Our chateau comes complete with a beautiful yoga studio, where we’ll practice twice daily—morning vinyasa practices offer intuitive sequences and invigorate us for the day’s activities, while evening practices guide us deeper and include yin yoga, thai yoga sessions and deep relaxation through pranayama and mediation.