As a lead teacher in the Wanderlust Yoga Austin’s 200 Hour Teacher Training Program, Gioconda weaves sanskrit, philosophy, spiritual psychology and traditional yoga teachings into programming in way that is approachable and effective. She fosters a supportive learning environment in which students feel free to ask questions, take chances, and grow.


She draws on her personal studies in Ayurveda, Somatics and Sanskrit to cover a variety of special topics, and her innovative approach to sequencing infuses students with a life-long curiosity that keeps them continuously interested in constructing classes that feel good in the body, quieting to the mind, and nourishing to the soul.


Wanderlust Yoga Austin’s Summer Teacher Training Intensive Program runs June 2nd-25th, 2017. Application and registration available at


Gioconda has been invited to guest teach in multiple 200 Hour Teacher Trainings, and enjoys sharing her knowledge and insights as a supplement to core training curriculum.  If you are interested in having Gioconda as a guest teacher in your 200 Hour Teacher Training program, visit the hosting Gioconda page to find out more. And if you are interested in developing a 200 Hour Teacher Training Program and would like Gioconda to help with development, send an email to